Indigo Flower Print Frock with Pockets - Front

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  • Indigo Flower Print Frock with Pockets - Front
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Organic Cotton Indigo Half Sleeve Flower Print Frock with Pockets


Indigofera tinctoria
A dress with pockets! A child's imagination runs wild with the things she can hide in those little pockets. For that bit of extra excitement, we designed this one with pockets. This pretty and comfortable pocket frock is made from 100% soft organic cotton — as eco friendly as it can get.

The blue color of the frock comes from the indigo plant (indigofera tincorla). Indigo was often referred to as blue gold because of its high value as a trading commodity. It is one of the oldest known dyes and has been used in textile dyeing since ancient times. Indigo has the ability to produce an extensive range of beautiful blue shades and is the most successful dye plant ever known.

Herbal dyes in this collection from Little Green Kid are extracted from herbs in nature. The extracts are dyed on the organic cotton fabric using the most eco-friendly processes. Natural mordants like myrobalan, rhubarb leaves etc. are used.

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