Bee Bear Collection

The Bee Bear collection is an ode to the honey bee.

The tiny creature is responsible for most of our yummy fruits and vegetables and of course the sweet honey. We mentioned honey and the bear came running along. So we included her in the collection as well.

These two uncommon friends are battling for survival in this modern world as pollution and rampant encroachment are destroying their home and habitat. Together they became our muse for our collection on the Bear and the Bee, or better put, the Bee Bear collection to raise awareness about the situation with the honey bees.

We have carefully chosen turquoise and yellow with an attempt to foster color diversity across gender. Little girls and boys can both enjoy either color and the cute prints on them. We used organic cotton as it is a great way to celebrate nature and be free from all the harsh chemicals. So, presenting the organic cotton collection with the bee and the bear and the wonderful stories around them, because we want you to tell your children what a wonderful future you are laying out for them with your conscious choices.

Bee Bear Collection

  1. Organic Cotton Blue Mama Bee Baby Cap

    Organic Cotton Blue Baby Cap

    This beautiful organic cotton baby cap with animated Mickey Mouse style ears will look cute on your little one. You will want to use this cap on your baby at sleep time and when you take your baby outside for a stroll

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  2. Organic Cotton Blue Bee Bear Swaddle - Front

    Organic Cotton Blue Bee Bear Swaddle

    This cute, comfy and soft swaddle is made from 100% organic cotton. It is designed to keep your baby warm and comfortable. Made in beautiful turquoise using eco friendly dyes, we are sure your little one will be cozy and comfortable in this awesome one of a kind swaddle.

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  3. Main

    Organic Cotton Blue Full Sleeve Mama Bee Kimono Romper

    This is a soft organic cotton full sleeve romper with a print of a loving mama bee carrying her baby bee.

    The ties on the romper will help you get your baby into it very easily. The romper has snap buttons at the bottom to help you easily close it up.

    This piece has been made with love and attention to bring the best for your baby. The dyes used are completely safe for your newborn. The organic fabric is nice and soft to touch. This romper uses no labels on the inside and is irritation free for your baby.

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